Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving Cream Review

Castle Forbes Shaving Cream For Men Review

If you have been using shaving foams all this time – it is high time that you switch to creams. And there are plenty of reasons why this is a truism. Shaving creams offer a smooth and luxe experience – not to mention these products can help cut your shave time by more than a half.

However, when it comes to shaving creams – there is no doubt you should opt for a premium product – one that has all the right ingredients, is non-irritant and can help give you smooth skin.

Preparing For Shaving

That is mainly where the Castle Forbes shaving cream comes into the picture. And mentioned below are some of the best reasons why you should opt for the product.

About The Product

Here are some of the main product features:

Provides An Easy, Gentle Shave

The Castle Forbes cream has all the right chemicals that make the product thick and consistent. It will stick to your skin better than traditional shaving foams and whatnot. Thickness and consistency play an instrumental role in ensuring you do not cut yourself while shaving. 

The Castle Forbes has premium ingredient to keep your skin moisturized and supple. It has aloe vera (Aloe Barbadensis) and coconut acid – both of which help make your skin soft and smooth when you’re stroking it with the razor.

Moreover, you will see your razor won’t slip and slide over your cheeks - unlike how it does when you have shaving foam on – and that is what significantly reduces the possibilities of cutting your skin.

Steers You Clear Of Razor Burns

Another reason why you should opt for the Castle Forbes shaving creams is the fact that it has stearic acid, sodium hydroxide, glycerin and citrus aurantifola – ingredients that will keep your skin moisturized. Now that is fantastic for people with dry skin.

You won’t have to worry about cutting the top layer of your skin – itching and scratching all the way to work. The shaving cream helps maintain a thin barrier on the epidermal layer. And what that does is prevent your razor from cutting the top layer of your skin.

Hair Softening

One of the best reasons for using Castle Forbes is that the cream will soften all the hair on your face – even the tiny ones.  That is an ideal situation for men that have coarse facial hair – which is undoubtedly tricky to shave. The cream will help soften the follicle quicker. And that will help you shave with precision – saving time and effort.

Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving Cream On Table

Three Unique Scents

Another reason you should opt for that shaving cream is the fact it comes in three distinct and fantastic scents guaranteed to turn heads in envy. You can select from lavender, Cedarwood, and sandalwood. All three scents are irresistible.

What Others Are Saying

The Castle Forbes shaving cream has become an instant hit amongst American households. People are ecstatic about how quick they can shave with the product.

However, a majority of users are amazed at the combination of ingredients in the shaving cream. Moreover, the Castle Forbes has aloe vera and coconut oil – and both these ingredients help keep the skin nourished and supple, even after you've shaved.

Furthermore, ingredients like lime essential oil, sodium hydroxide, Butylparaben, stearic acid, glycerin, and triethanolamine ensure that your skin remains to save from cuts, slips and drags. Plus, the shaving cream also has essential oils – which add an organic and natural touch to the product.

However, a lot of people were just surprised at how long-lasting the shaving cream is – considering you don’t have to use a lot of the product to later your skin for a quick and precision-based shave.

Some people have even claimed to have used a single tub of Castle Forbes for a year. That is also what makes the product a favorite amongst so many Americans. Moreover, the shaving cream is also available in a couple of varieties – Sandalwood, lavender, and Cedarwood for example – which also means you will not have to apply any aftershave.

Another reason why the Castle Forbes shaving cream is such a favorite is that it will keep your skin moisturized for a long time after you shave. That helps significantly reduce irritation and the urge to scratch your face regularly.  

Buying Advice

You can get your hands on the Castle Forbes shaving cream in under $36 – but you will need to extra for shipping.

Castle Forbes Lime Oil Shaving Cream


It is a 6.8 fl-oz round tub that comes in three distinct colors - and the brand is from Scotland. If you are looking for a smooth and supple experience – especially if you shave in a hurry – there is nothing better than Castle Forbes.

With such a unique combination of ingredients not to mention essential oils, it is safe to say that the product is close to being organic – and that is always better than traditional foam laden with harsh chemicals.

Final Verdict

All in all, if you are looking for something reliable, quick and safe – nothing can beat the Castle Forbes shaving cream. Sure it is a bit on the expensive side – but the beauty of the product is the fact you don't have to use a lot to lather your face. 

Take a small amount in your index finger, apply a bit of water on your face and smear the cream. So, get your hands on the Castle Forbes cream and experience a new way of shaving!

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