Shaving Creams Are A Must Have In Every Man’s Arsenal

Shaving Creams Are A Must Have In Every Man’s Arsenal

Shaving has been present for centuries, so naturally, it has a rich and storied history. Let us discuss in detail how it evolved during history. You would be surprised to know that men have been shaving since the beginning of time. The tools for shaving have evolved with the passage of time.

The methodologies varied - and in the early days, people used clam shells for shaving. They were, in fact, the first accessories used for shaving. Shaving with clam shells was painful as they pulled the hair out of the skin instead of scraping them off the surface.

History Of Shaving

The tools started evolving with time. They became safer and more convenient. The Bronze age was when shaving instruments ushered in a new and improved era. A variety of materials were used to make shaving tools rather than one. Copper and obsidian were prevalent shaving instrument materials.

17th Century Shaving

By 1680, the folding razors produced in Sheffield England started to gain popularity, and 1740 was the year when the straight razor began to gain traction.

The Invention Of The Safety Razor

1770 was the year when the first safety razor prototype became popular. The person who invented this prototype was a Frenchman, and his name was Jean-Jacques Perret.

He felt that instead of relying on barbers, men should be able to shave by themselves with safety and efficiency. The straight razor became safer as this French pioneer added a guard of wood on the edge of the blade. 

After hundreds of years, the Kampf brothers decided to file a copyright for the safety razors. The most impressive features of these safety razors were a wire blade guard, removable handle, and a catcher head for shaving cream.

A person by the name of King Camp Gillette filed a patent in the year of 1901 for a razor with a double edge. He got what he wished for three later in 1904, and the rest is history. As these razors were available in bulk to the army of the United States, they helped Gillette to gain worldwide popularity.

The Invention Of Shaving Cream

The history of shaving creams dates back to as far as 3000 B.C. Animal fat and alkali were mainly used in a combination to apply to beards before the process of shaving. The early twentieth century saw the use of shaving soaps that were as hard as bricks.

Later on, these shaving soaps gave way to tubes containing soft soap or oil. The 1940s saw the introduction of newer creams. These creams did not require brushes and neither did they produce any lather, which is why they were given the name of brushless creams later on.

Shaving cream, which was known as rising cream earlier on, started being distributed in cans in the year 1949. This concept was put forward by a pioneer by the name of Carter Wallace.

He was the first person to introduce pressurized shaving creams, and since their introduction, these creams have been available in markets to this day. These shaving creams contain a gas called chlorofluorocarbons which are dangerous for the environment.

The Invention Of An Electric Razor

Electric razors are an invention of an American entrepreneur named Jacob Schick. He was the one who filed the patent of the electric razor, after the approval of which, he started his own electrical razor company called Schick dry shaver Inc.

Electric shaving razors are also known as electronic shavers, dry razors, among a few other things. Most electric shavers are either battery or electric powered.

Jacob Shick

There are two main categories of electric shavers. They are rotary style shavers, or they make the use of foil. The preferred choice of shavers in people is the rotary style shaver. The reason for this is because the rotating style shavers are cordless and provide a lot of ease to the person using it.

In the beginning, razors were only for use on dry skin, but as time went by, they evolved and can now be used on the wet surface as well.

What Is Shaving Cream?

Shaving creams are cosmetic products meant to soften your facial hair. They are rapidly replacing foams because the products are thick, consistent and quickly stick to your skin.

It helps in facilitating to remove facial hair with ease and smoothness as no other product could. Shaving cream helps in achieving three desired outcomes. These are the following:

  • Desensitizing the skin
  • Swelling of keratin
  • Lubrication during the process of cutting

Shaving cream helps in keeping your skin smooth and refreshed after you have shaved. Shaving cream produces a very light lather that is extremely easy to rinse away. These creams come in different, refreshing scents and there are many of these scents to choose.

What makes shaving creams an essential commodity is the fact that they come in handy in keeping moisture in the beard. This moisture allows ease of shaving the beard off your face. Another critical function shaving creams perform is that they will enable you to keep track of the area you have and haven't shaved.

How Shaving Cream Helps You Shave

You can have any razor at your disposal. Shaving creams will be able to work with any of them. It does not matter what kind of shaver you have. It could be an electric shaver, disposable shaver, straight edge shaver, or even a double razor.

Shaving cream is always there for you to provide that extra bit of smoothness and moisture. The following points will further discuss how shaving creams help you shave.

Shaving Cream Is Essential For Moisturizing

An important thing about of shaving as discussed numerous times earlier is the fact that it helps to preserve the moisture and heat of your skin when you are about to shave. It is advisable for everyone to take a shower before they ever start using a blade on any area of their body.

Man In Bathroom Applying Shaving Cream

What showering does is it allows the follicles of hair present in your body to swell up, this prevents the pulling and tugging of hair when they come in contact with your blade. After you have showered, you should go ahead and apply the shaving cream to the desired areas.

Showering helps your skin retain plenty of and will enhance your shaving experience - water makes the cream consistent and quick to slather. Your follicles will swell even more allowing your pores to open up as well.

Some people prefer pre-shave oil instead of shaving cream. The difference that makes shaving cream infinitely better than pre-shave oiling products is that shaving cream offers better lubrication and doesn't require too much hassle in spreading.

Softening Your Hair

Softening up your hair could not get any more comfortable with the use of shaving creams. The lubricating quality of shaving creams softens up the hair considerably and allows the razor blade to glide over your hair ever so smoothly. What separates a top quality shaving cream from a low-quality shaving cream is how better the lubricating qualities of the cream are.

A common problem observed in shaving creams of the lesser condition is that the hair does not soften up as one would want to. It causes the blade to skip a few hairs,  making you redo the unshaved part again. Shaving over and over in the same area causes burns and rashes that are not only painful but hard to get rid of as well.

The use of soaps, shampoos and other substitutes for shaving cream do not produce the same softening effect that shaving creams do, which is why you can see these creams at every place where people shave.

Tracing Where You Have Shaved

People in the old days faced a significant problem when it came to shaving. The problem was that there was no way to keep track of the spots that the people had shaved.  Uneven facial hair, scars, burns, and numerous other unwanted things happened because of this. Shaving creams eliminated all of these problems with its introduction.

The creamy white lather produced from these creams proved to be helpful in remembering the shaved spots. Whenever you run your blade over an area covered with the shaving cream, it cleans that particular area. The clean surface served to be a helpful reminder that you have shaved it and had to go ahead with the rest of the shaving area.

Soothing For The Skin

Shaving cream is incredibly soothing for the skin. It has a cooling effect that relaxes your skin and makes you feel great. Numerous people have sensitive skin. It is difficult and painful for these people to shave as the sensitive skin tends to get easily scratched and tear up in places.

However, shaving creams for sensitive skins are also available in the market for people's convenience.

Man Shaving Face With Razor

Now people do not have to worry about getting their skin damaged during the shaving process as these shaving creams make shaving easy and painless. Not only does a person feel the soothing effect prior and during shaving, but the result lasts for a couple of hours after you have completed shaving.

You should opt for a shaving cream that has an added cooling effect to it. These creams provide the best soothing and comfort.

Shaving Cream Vs. Shaving Gel Vs. Shaving Soap

Shaving cream is not the only product available in the market that is useful for pre-shave purposes. There are a couple of other products like the shaving gel and the shaving soap at the customer's disposal as well. We will discuss and compare the benefits of the three.

Almost all of the time, a person decides to go to the store to buy shaving cosmetics. He or she faces the same question everyone is, and that is, which among the three should they choose? Is it going to be shaving cream, shaving gel or is it going to be the shaving soap?

While all of these three perform the same tasks, which are:

  • check
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All it comes down to is your personal choice. The truth is that the way these shaving cosmetics are composed, produced, and the way they are applied are almost the same. However, if you are short on time then using a shaving gel might be the best option for you. And that is because putting on shaving cream is quicker and more comfortable.

There is no hassle involved in applying these gels, and you will be able to shave in a matter of a few minutes. However, shaving gels also have a downside. They have some harmful ingredients added to it which is why it does not get the preference that shaving creams do.

Shaving soaps have the same qualities as shaving gels and shaving creams, but they have the slowest application among the three. Shaving cream is the undisputed king among all of the shaving cosmetics and is safe and convenient as well.

Equipment You Need For The Perfect Shave With Shaving Cream

There are not many pieces of equipment for having the ideal shave with shaving cream. But there are few types of stuff that you can get a hold of that will prove to be extremely helpful in shaving with shaving cream.

Brush And Bowl For Shaving With Cream

Shaving Bowl

The shaving bowl carries a lot of importance in shaving with cream and is must-have equipment. Several factors come into play when you face the task of choosing a shaving bowl. The first thing that you should consider is the material of the container.

Four materials are used to make shaving bowls. They are wood, plastic, ceramic and metal. Each of these material has its negative and positive aspects. Take your time to decide on buying the shaving bowl would suit you best as all of the elements have different prices, the difference in durability and, effectiveness.

Shaving bowl will aid you in producing the perfect quantity of lather for applying to your area of shaving. The width and depth of the shaving container is another thing that one should consider before buying a shaving bowl.

If you are shaving with a shaving cream that tends to produce a significant amount of foam and lather, then a broader and deeper shaving bowl would be the perfect choice for you.

Shaving Brushes

A grooming tool that you will find in every good barber shop is a shaving brush. No good shave was ever complete without a shaving brush. There are several varieties of shaving brushes to choose.

Sorting out a high-quality shaving brush from a mediocre shaving brush can be hard at times. There are four things that you should keep in mind before buying a shaving brush. These are the loft, the hair, knot, and the total height of the shaving brush.

The best shaving brush according to us would be one that is fifty millimeters in height, have the synthetic brush on the top, and have a high-end metal handle. They may be a little expensive, but they are guaranteed to prove their money's worth.

How To Lather A Shave Cream

The process of lathering cream is straightforward if you make sure to follow some essential steps. The first thing you should do is slightly dampen your shaving brush. After you have moistened the brush, squeeze a small amount of shaving cream placing it on top of the brush.

You have several options to build up the lather. You can directly build it up on your face, you can build it up in the shaving bowl, or you could even use the palm of your hand. The preferable way would be to make use of a container so that the lather doesn't fall off.

Equipment For Shaving With Cream

Add a few drops of water into the bowl and start moving the shaving cream brush around in circular motion. You will gradually get lather after a few minutes of consistent swirling of the shaving brush. Make sure that there aren't any bubbles in the shaving lather otherwise its application becomes extremely tough.

How To Use Shaving Cream

Even though using and applying a shaving cream might seem like a piece of cake at first glance. Let us assure you that it isn't as easy. However, this does not mean that with a few days of practice you wouldn't be able to become the shaving maestro that you always aspired to be.

First and foremost, you have to take a shaving bowl and shaving brush and start working on lathering the shaving cream. As soon as you have scrubbed, move your brush around in the pan and bring it towards your face. You can use your hands for applying the shaving cream, or you can use the brush. It all depends on your ease. 

The recommended method for having an efficient shaving session would be to use a shaving brush. If you want to save time you can always lather the shaving cream directly on your face.

Making Your Homemade Shaving Cream

Some people are living on a short budget, and there are those who are just wondering if they could make homemade shaving cream. The answer is, yes it is possible to make shaving cream in the comfort of your home.

Homemade shaving creams are budget-friendly and don't include many harmful ingredients, making them a perfect choice for people who are friends of nature. The first thing you’ll need to make your shaving cream is a jar with a lid. The ingredients used in making shaving cream are the following.

  • A couple of tablespoons of baking soda
  • Half cup olive oil
  • Cocoa butter or Shea (Two-thirds of a cup)
  • Any essential oil of your choice (Ten cups)

These are the only ingredients you will need to make the perfect homemade shaving cream. It is evident that you might not be able to create the ideal shaving cream on the first try. Continuous practice and a little bit of experimentation will help you in mastering the art of making homemade shaving cream.

How To Shave Without Shaving Cream

Yes, it is possible to shave without the use of shaving cream. In fact, there are a few household items that can come in handy as well. Regular soap, baby oil, peanut butter, raw honey, body lotion, aloe vera, hair conditioner, and shea butter among a few other things can work as a substitute for shaving cream.

Shaving With Peanut Butter

However, you should only use alternatives if you are in dire need of shaving and you have no other option left. Because shaving down without a proper pre-shave cosmetic would never produce the same result as the one you would get from shaving with one.


Shaving cream is an essential cosmetic appliance to have. It makes shaving more comfortable and smoother making sure that your skin is free of post-shave marks and cuts. There are varieties of shaving creams available on the market to choose.

That was a complete guide for educating you about the benefits and uses of shaving creams. We have provided you below with a comprehensive buying guide that will help you in choosing a shaving cream that is ideally suited to your needs.

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