The Art Of Shaving Lavander Shaving Cream Review

The Art Of Shaving Lavander Shaving Cream Review

Whether it is that you like the smoothness of your face or your job requires you to shave every day, you have to have the right shaving cream to make the whole shaving experience comfortable. A lot of people believe that the shaving experience depends heavily on the razor when in reality, the role of the shaving cream is central too.

You could use the best and sharpest blade for the job, but if your cream does not provide proper gliding, smoothness, and lather, you will end up with wounds, irritation, and discomfort.

The Art Of Shaving Lavander Shaving Cream Box

The Art of Shaving is the companion for every shaver in the world. The makers of the cream have formulated it with the pain points of the shaving in mind. Take a look at the features that make it such a favorite of many.

About The Product

The overall combination of natural ingredients with essential oils and coconut acid allows for plenty of foamy leather for the smoothest shaving experience.

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    The Art of Shaving has used only the high-quality materials in its making
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    It contains essential oils for smoothness while shaving and for improving the quality of hairs
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    The natural origin extracts make it less harsh than most synthetic creams out there
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    It is highly concentrated with glycerin to keep hair soft and hydrated during and after the shave

One of the gripes of most men who are looking for shaving creams is that they don’t form enough lather. When there is not enough lather, the shaving experience will be dry, rough and discomforting as a result.

That’s where The Art of Shaving, shaving cream has done a great job. The many natural ingredients along with coconut acid ensure softness of hair strands during the shave. Another essential ingredient of this cream is glycerin. The formulators have used ample amounts of glycerin in its making because of its hydrating effects. 

With water and glycerin present in abundance, this shaving cream helps every user get the softest and most refreshing shave every time. The excessive foamy lather acts as a smooth and slick layer between the razor and the skin to prevent rough shaving that can result in wounds.

People all around the world are now moving away from using products that have excessive synthetic chemicals in them and skin-harming dyes. The best thing about this cream is that it does not contain any of them. It is free from alcohol and the synthetic dyes that can cause irrevocable damage to the skin—especially in people who have sensitive skin.

The Art Of Shaving Lavander Shaving Cream

While the makers have not made any such claims, one should know that the presence of essential oils, i.e., lavender essential oil, in the cream can have a health-boosting effect on the hairs. The essential oils also soften up the chemical action of the cream making it gentle on even the most sensitive skin.



  • It forms a lot of foamy lather for smooth and slick shaving
  • It does not contain skin-harming synthetic dyes and alcohol
  • It has glycerin in it for maximum hydration during and after the shave
  • Many of its ingredients are natural and can be health-promoting for the beard
  • The lavender oil in the cream is 100% pure
  • Glycerin, water, essential oil and lot of foam help prevent razor burns and irritation
  • Many people might not find it such an excellent fit for giving someone a gift after looking at its packaging
  • It can be a bit expensive for some customers

What Others Are Saying

This shaving cream from The Art of Shaving has received some excellent remarks from the customers. What you will love the most is that the company has not made a lot of huge claims. However, the claims that the company has made seem to be right when you look at what the customers have to say. 

First, customers have rated it 4.6 stars out of five, which is the sign of a perfect product. Many users have also agreed that the cream achieves a lot of smooth and creamy foam. Some people have highly recommended it for people who shave almost every day.

They have also liked the fact they need only a pinch of the cream to cut their face. Because it forms a lot of lather and you need very little every time, it can last for several months. The overall rating of the product and the feedback from customers show that it is an excellent shaving cream.

Buying Advice

If you are someone who shaves regularly and is looking for shaving cream, you have to create a list of features you want in the cream. The first and foremost is lather—the cream has to achieve a lot of foam because a smooth and comfortable shave is not possible without that.

The Art Of Shaving Lavander Shaving Cream


Secondly, you must make sure that the cream does not contain any harsh chemicals in it, alcohol and synthetic dyes to be more precise.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will notice that this cream checks all the boxes. The natural oil and coconut acid make it gentle on your beard. Secondly, there is a lot of glycerin in it along with water to hydrate your hairs for a smooth shave.

In short, you should not think twice before going for this product. The only thing you might want to give a second thought to is its price. If you are okay with the amount, you are right to go and buy it.

Final Verdict

So, you have now looked at the product from every possible angle. You know its ingredients and the results it can achieve from what the customers have to say about it. It is a recommendable product and one that will make any shaver happy because of its gentle, refreshing and smooth shaving experience.

In the end, you have it available in different weights. If you want to try it out yourself before you go all in, you can order a small container.

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